Business Manager Report – August 2022

Good day members of IBEW 2085

Upcoming work:

Our work picture is beginning to look much more positive with numerous projects in healthcare coming in the Spring. Our hope is to have all IBEW 2085 members employed in our home province. North End Wastewater Treatment is another up-and-coming option as 6 of our signatory contractors will be the only ones bidding for the electrical work on the headworks project. The phosphorus removal building will be another opportunity for work in Winnipeg with many of our contractors bidding on that project as well.

2085 Membership July 30th, 2022

 Red Seal ElectriciansApprenticesTotal
Members travelling out of Jurisdiction   139
Members dispatched in July  25
Layoffs in July372148
Unemployed Members275137412

Travel Work:

More IBEW 2085 members have been heading out to work at Local 402 Thunder Bay and the contractors are reporting back how impressed and happy they are with Local 2085 members’ work performance. We receive alike comments from Local 530 Sarnia. Once again, thank you to all the members for your sacrifices and hard work.  You are contributing to the growth of 2085 and the excellent reputation we are establishing in the industry and that means a lot. Calls to Local 993 have been delayed for the moment but the calls will be coming.

PCL and Alliance at BHP Jansen Potash Mine (CLAC) - We have received important information from the Business Manager of Local 529 Saskatoon.

Please read the following:

As many of you may know, PCL won the Sub-Station contract at BHP Jansen Potash Mine. They are using “Alliance” as their electrical sub-contractor.

Currently, PCL or Alliance CAN NOT source a labour force to do this work. I have sent out a request to all the Business Managers in Canada to inform their members to NOT apply, respond, or work for either of these companies. Plans are in motion to get PCL removed from the jobsite and have one of our contractors take over the scope.

For this to proceed, I require the assistance and cooperation of all Local 529 members in this matter. We can not work for PCL or Alliance to make them succeed. If we supply them with labour, they are able to complete the contract job, and if they can do this job, they are setting themselves up for the next job. They are currently struggling for labour therefore I have informed the site management team that IBEW is ready to supply labour to that entire project.  For that reason, PCL and Alliance will be considered HOT contractors and charges will be made on any IBEW Member from any Local who is found working for them. This is a very hard decision to put in place because I know it has been slow, and I know people are hungry.

If we stand in solidarity and every member complies with this request, there is a good chance we can take back this job and take back our work. IBEW deserves that project as Local 529 Saskatoon has the best industrial electricians for this project and have the support of our Brothers and Sisters if and when need be. There are also other Business Managers reaching out to help in any way they can by supplying contacts with people they know involved on that project. I believe we can flip this project and make them realize there is no other choice but IBEW.

Thank you all,

Murray Palmer 

Conferences and Training:

We will report back upon our return from the All-Canada Progress Meeting in Regina, Saskatchewan. All locals in our country attend every year to collaborate and exchange ideas for the betterment of IBEW.

Please note the posting on our job line “Notification for ALL Member”. This needs to be understood by all members so that you may bid for jobs in our up-and-coming Union Worx Dispatch APP that we are working very hard to get out to the membership as soon as possible.

Renovation at our 556 Notre Dame location is going well and is on schedule.

Our move to 2181 Portage Ave is also going well and improvements have been made over the last couple of months. We will be hosting an Open House @ 556 Notre Dame and 2181 Portage Avenue to reveal the new changes. These dates will be announced soon.

Please watch your e-mail for more member input surveys which will help us help you!


Dave McPhail R.S.E F.S

IBEW 2085 Business Manager

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