Business Manager’s Report October 2022

Good day members of 2085

Upcoming Work

Our work picture for spring 2023 looks very good.  Members will be able to work at home with various hospital projects throughout our province.  Our contractors have secured the new Portage la Prairie Hospital and St. Boniface Hospital’s new Emergency.  We are waiting to hear which contractor may secure Boundary Trail Hospital and Neepawa Hospital.  Other possible awarded projects on the horizon are, a 200,000 sq ft Cargo Building Addition to the Winnipeg Airport, an upgrade to Bunge in Altona, and a Solar Glass Plant in East Selkirk with Canadian Premium Sand Inc.  Six of our qualified contractors will also have an opportunity to bid on the electrical work with Red River Solutions at the Headworks Project at the North End Wastewater Treatment Plant.

Ongoing jobs that will require more manpower in the future are Halo Towers, Wawanessa Tower, North End Police Station, Riel Station, and Norway House Care Centre.  Other smaller jobs will also help move our books.

IBEW 2085 will be sending out a survey to members so that we can have a better understanding where are membership is looking to work. This way we can do everything possible to employ members where they most want to be employed. We will continue to do our best to keep the membership abreast of the most up to date, correct information that we can get.

Membership Overview

RSE (journeymen) 871

Apprentices 285

Total Membership 1156

Travelers in our jurisdiction 0

Dispatch total for last month 46

Layoff total for last month 66

Unemployed members 416 (RSE 313, App 103)

Monthly Dues

To all members, please make sure your monthly dues are paid up to date. This will be imperative to be able to bid jobs in the future when our new dispatch app is fully launched. If you have questions about your dues, there is information on the Job Line that can explain why your dues may seem behind.

Union Worx App

We currently have almost 400 members on the app. Many members have helped with suggestions and questions about the App, and it is appreciated. There has been a lot of positive feedback from those who have gained access and spent some time to understand all parts of the App. We see how much our members appreciate the transparency of the out of work lists and continue to do our best to have the most fair and transparent dispatch system our hall has ever had without violating any members privacy. We are now encouraging all members to join the app by downloading it on your phone. To gain access directions have been posted on the jobline on our website for your review. There are also frequently asked questions to assist members in understanding their positions on the out of work lists.

Travel Work Update

Many of our members have returned from Local 530 after dedicating their time to the project in Sarnia. Once again IBEW 2085 thanks Local 530 for the many travel calls to their projects. Local 402 has also sent a few calls our way and we are thankful for that as well.

Travel calls to local 993 have started to trickle in and we have sent letters of introduction to local 993 for Site C. We anticipate more calls in the future. Recently we have been informed that the shift from Winnipeg to site C will now be a 21 on 7 off shift rather than the 14/7 we were initially told.  We were also told that Kitimat LNG project will be 20 on 8 off shift, this is due to travel hub in Winnipeg and the agreement with Local 993. Local 993 does not know if this shift is permanent through the whole project or temporary until they require more workers from further distances. The way the shift changes due to distances is affecting how local 993 is sending the calls to other locals and it may limit our calls to the LNG project.

Adjudicare App from Coughlin.

Iphone users link

Android users link

Please take the time to sign up with Coughlin’s New App.  It is very user friendly and convenient for tracking your benefits.

Training Centre Renovation at 556 Notre Dame Ave is now complete. This renovation will create more space for members to train.  Our Training schedule will be out soon with all the courses available.  Our goal is to train as many members as possible during these times of unemployment.  Evening and weekend courses will also be available for all those who choose to take training.

Dave McPhail

Business Manager/Financial Secretary

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