Business Manager Report – January 2023

Good day members of 2085,

Our work picture continues to be slow.  Although there are calls coming into dispatch, we definitely need more calls.  Electrical work packages from Red River Solutions for North-End Headworks Project have also been delayed due to design delays from Hatch.  We have been in continuous contact with Red River Solutions and, as information comes forward, we will update our membership regarding this large project.  

Upcoming Work Pre-Construction:

Our contractors have been bidding as much work as possible and this is the most current information that we have, the following contractors have been awarded this work.


 St. Boniface Hospital, North end Police Station, Ashern Hospital, other small projects


Portage la Prairie Hospital, Steinbach Hospital, Boundary Trails Hospital, Halo Towers, Wawanesa Tower, Align Student Residence, other small projects


Neepawa Hospital, other small projects


Gateway Super Store, other small projects


Snow Lake Mine

There are other contractors with many ongoing and upcoming projects not listed above.

2085 Membership Overview:

Travel Work:

Out of jurisdiction calls should be coming soon from Local 993.  I would like to reassure our membership that we have reached out to many locals across Canada for calls and they are aware and very willing to give calls to our talented membership.

Dues Increase Clarification:  Just a reminder that monthly dues are now $60.70. To clear up any confusion, the monthly dues increase to “A” member dues was the decision of the floor at the 40th IBEW Convention in Chicago last year.  IBEW 2085 does not take any portion of this increase. 

Executive Board Members:

Chris Taran, President of 2085 has Financial Signing Authority

Jeff Skinner, Vice President

Wayne Kumiega, Treasurer has Financial Signing Authority

Gerald Klassen, Recording Secretary has Financial Signing Authority

Warren Herntier, Executive Board Member

Larry Willits, Executive Board Member

Mike Veinot, Executive Board Member

Dave McPhail, Business Manager/Financial Secretary

The Business Manager does not have signing authority on any of our funds.

Signing of cheques is as per out elected President, Treasurer and Recording Secretary.  All invoices are signed by all three signing authorities and cheques have two of the three signatures.

Code of Excellence Training Centre:

We would like that all members understand that our pre-apprentice program is the way we build the foundation of our membership by training our first levels with all that they require to succeed in our trade, including member orientation to our IBEW 2085 and how important it is to be a good member. 

COE training schedule has been posted to view in your messages on your Union Worx App, if you don’t have access to the app you can still always call the COE Training Centre to request dates and sign up for courses.  Courses have been filled quickly so do not delay when you need to update your courses, other locals may have hiring requirements that exceed ours, so upgrade all courses as soon as possible.  Please remember:  First Aid and WHMIS are required for Clearance to jobs.  It would also be a very good idea to take the Aerial Work Platform and Fall Prevention so you are certified and up to date to be work ready. 

Name Hires:

Name hires are as per Article 21:02 in our ICI and Condo/Residential Agreements and it needs to be understood that a contractor is entitled to name-hire one RSE off our book system after they first hire an RSE off the book system.  This order is kept track of, and we do not waiver from this practice.  Those concerned with this article are welcome to contact our office or come down in person to see the accurate tracking of all calls going out to our membership.

Here is the direct excerpt from those agreements:

The parties agree for all other employees to a one (1) to one (1) sequential pick process and all hiring will be done through the Local Union Office and no one will be employed unless they are in possession of a clearance card from the Local Union Office. To start the sequential pick process, the Local Union shall have the first pick.

Union Worx:

We are still working diligently to update all information contained in our dispatch program. We are currently at 70% of all members documents and certifications being migrated over to one location for ease of use in this office along with access to all certifications by our members inside the app. This app is still being worked on to fit our needs along with the required training for all staff to ensure accurate information is posted. Please understand errors happen and we are constantly striving for perfection, if you have issues, comments or suggestions you can reach out to us at or use the support ticket function in the app. Members have requested to be able to see what book number was awarded each job. Moving forward this function will now be available. This will help our members understand what position they are and be able to approximate how long they may be waiting for work.

Respectfully, your Business Manager/Financial Secretary,

Brother Dave McPhail