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IBEW 2085, is a labor union that represents electrical workers in Manitoba, Canada. It is a partnership between the union and signatory contractors, which are companies that have agreed to work with the union and employ its members.

The partnership between IBEW 2085 and signatory contractors is based on the principles of mutual success. The union ensures that its members receive fair wages, safe working conditions, and access to training and benefits. In return, signatory contractors have a reliable pool of skilled and qualified workers who can meet their project requirements.

Working together, IBEW 2085 and signatory contractors strive for mutual success in the electrical industry. This partnership helps to maintain high industry standards, promote a skilled workforce, and foster a positive working relationship between the union and contractors.

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The relationship between signatory contractors and the Code of Excellence of IBEW Local Union 2085 is based on a mutual commitment to maintaining high standards in the electrical industry.

Signatory contractors are companies that have signed a collective bargaining agreement with the IBEW Local Union 2085. This means that they agree to follow the terms and conditions set forth in the agreement, including provisions related to wages, working conditions, and safety protocols. The Code of Excellence, on the other hand, is a set of guidelines and principles aimed at promoting professionalism and excellence in the electrical industry. It emphasizes the importance of quality craftsmanship, safety, productivity, and customer satisfaction.

Signatory contractors who are part of IBEW Local Union 2085 are expected to adhere to the Code of Excellence. This means that they commit to upholding the standards and principles outlined in the code, ensuring that their work meets the highest industry standards.

By adhering to the Code of Excellence, signatory contractors demonstrate their dedication to providing quality electrical services, maintaining a safe and productive work environment, and delivering customer satisfaction. This alignment between signatory contractors and the Code of Excellence helps to foster a positive working relationship between the contractors and the IBEW Local Union 2085, creating a culture of excellence and collaboration within the electrical industry.


Building trust with a signatory contractor is essential for a fruitful and successful partnership. IBEW 2085 build trust with a signatory contractor demonstrating integrity, reliability, and a commitment to delivering quality work. Here are some steps that can help foster trust and collaboration between the union and contractors:


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Q: How much does it cost my company to join the union?
A: There is no cost to join the Union for the Employer. You will only have to maintain payroll and benefit bonds for the security of all

Q: If I hire someone and for whatever reason I am un-satisfied, do I have to keep them employed?
A: If in fact you hire someone who for whatever is not a good fit for your shop, you simply send them back to the Union Hall and we will replace them immediately.  We would only ask you what the issues are so we can make sure whatever perceived shortcoming is immediately and effectively addressed for the benefit of the member and future employment.

Q: Will the IBEW try to run my business?
A: Absolutely not, the Local Union will provide manpower and manage benefits.  Your business is your business, and we want nothing more than for you to be completely successful.  Most importantly is that the Union actually will offer help if you need it. Perhaps you are bidding a job in a different State, you need an unusual skill set for an employee, you have business issues needing resolve or any other “out of the normal” situation, we are here to help.  Ultimately the more successful our contractors are, the more successful our team is, and it is really that simple. 

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