IBEW Members visiting the Manitoba Legislature to oppose Bill 28

May 11 2018

IBEW Local 2085 members at the Manitoba Legislature yesterday opposing the Manitoba Conservative Government proposed bill 28, banning Project Labour Agreements for Manitoba funded infrastructure projects. Essentially Project Labour Agreements guarantees the unemployed Manitoba's get to work on these projects, paid a decent wage, paid benefits, and a pension. Our government just want to crush the hard-working Manitobans and to cut all the above benefits of the PLA's. For an example, the South End Water Treatment plant is not under a PLA, and over less than 1% differential in bids, our Manitoba funded project is being done by an Ontario company. This Ontario company is purchasing all their materials from outside the province and so far it seems they plan on employing out of province workers. So all of our tax dollars are leaving the province and not stimulated our Province. Currently, in the union and non-union, a lot of workers are currently sitting at home looking for a job, doesn't make a lot of sense bringing in outside the Province Labour. Please share this post to educate the people of Manitoba on these social issues. Thanks Brothers Jason Alguire, Mike Veinot, Charles Arcand, Phil Weigel, Ian Cline, Dave Solomon, Kalvin Tran, Chris Taran, Dave McPhail, and Jeff Skinner, for showing up and opposing this horrible legislation.

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