November Business Manager’s Report

Good day members of 2085

As we move into the last month of the year, we would like to reflect on the many positive changes our union hall has made on behalf of our membership. The expansion of our Code of Excellence Training Centre - this expansion will add more training opportunities for our members, making us more competitive and work-ready in the future.  Please take advantage of these opportunities.

We have introduced a new Union Worx platform for easy and convenient access to important information and hiring practices.  The Union Worx App has been very well received by our membership and members need to get signed up to this application before January 1st - so let’s get this done.  There are instructions posted on our website for members having issues getting onto the app as well as some frequently asked questions. Please call the office if you are having issues logging in after you have read the information on our website.

The most important part of the Union Worx Application is the bidding of jobs. Jobs will be posted on the platform and push notifications of all new jobs come out at 4 pm daily.  All members signed into the app will be able to bid for the jobs any time between 4 pm and 9 am. There is a way to select your preference on what job you want in the app when you bid when there are multiple jobs. Please remember bidding on a job is acceptance of a job. All members will need to have their dues paid up to date, First Aid Training up to date, Code of Excellence Training and WHMIS in order for their bid to be accepted in the near future.

Other safety courses will be offered on the COE Training Schedule posted on the Union Worx App and our Website.

In January we are going to be updating our website. It will look similar with added functions. We will be integrating Union Worx into the job posting page, we have cleaned up broken links and have tried to simplify navigating the web page for members so that we can pass along critical information to you. We are working on having a sign-up page for courses so that members can sign up simply and quickly and choose what day they can take upcoming courses.

Membership Meetings

Membership meetings are now back in full swing since April 2022.  December 14th, Unit 1 Membership Meeting will bring back our Christmas Cheer for those attending.  Our Unit 1 Meeting will be held in the basement @556 Notre Dame starting at 6:00 p.m. please sign up on our website (jobline) before Friday December 2nd so we have accurate numbers Catering. The cheer will be held across the street after the meeting at our neighbour The Portuguese Association. We would like to see more members attend our meetings, we need members to come and get involved in our local. We are still drawing for Jets tickets and other IBEW prizes at every meeting and it is also a great place to be the first to get information about upcoming work and general information about our Local.

Our annual IBEW 2085 Unit 1 Members’ Children’s Christmas party will be held on Sunday, December 11th at 11:30 a.m. at the Portuguese Association.  All members attending must have previously registered before the deadline of September 6th, @ 8:00 a.m.  Registration is now closed, gifts and food are ordered and we cannot modify it.

Brandon Unit 2 Members’ Children’s Christmas Party date is undetermined at this point.

2085 Membership Overview:

RSE (Journeyman)                           862

Apprentices                                       279

Total Membership                        1141

Travellers out of Jurisdiction          84

Dispatched Total                               23

Layoffs                                                   53 (RSE 44, App 9)

Unemployed                                     426 (RSE 329, App 97)

Upcoming Work:

Our work picture for the next few months will continue to be slow in the province.  Our current provincial government has accomplished nothing over the last 7 years, only hindered all aspects of apprenticeship with a 2:1 ratio no one asked for, almost repealed the Constitution Industry Wages Act(CIWA), and destroyed our healthcare system and now plans to buy your vote back in their last year in power, by building hospitals.  Please remember this when you go to cast your vote next fall. 

We have reached out to local 993 and informed them of our unemployment status and requested as many calls as they can give us.

We have had no update for start-up dates for the hospital jobs though we do know Portage la Prairie hospital and St.Boniface Emergency Hospital upgrade are awarded to our contractors. Bid packages for the North end water treatment plant are being sent to contractors in the new year and we have been informed that only our signatory contractors are bidding on this work. We continue to monitor all upcoming work, and we are doing our best to get you the most up-to-date and correct information we can.

Travellers out of Jurisdiction:

IBEW 2085 has an excellent reputation for the great work they do working out of jurisdiction and thank you to all members who sacrifice their home lives to make ends meet while still maintaining a good relationship with the locals they work for. 

Dues increase

At the 40th IBEW International Convention, which was conducted in Chicago during the week of May 9th through the 13th 2022, the Delegates approved several amendments to Article IX of the IBEW Constitution. January 1st 2022 there will be an increase of $4.00 to your monthly union dues. $2.00 will be for the International General Fund, and $2.00 is an increase into the IBEW Pension Benefit Fund. We understand that this is not coming at the best of times for our membership. If you require more information regarding this amendment please reach out to us at the office.


Hopefully, you have had the chance to meet Daemien Bernhard our organizer. We have been working hard to get a first agreement signed with KPIC which we recently certified. Also have been working to organize ourselves first and foremost, with our concentration being on member retention as well as membership involvement and information sharing. With the upturn of work on the horizon, we are diligently planning our next steps to ensure we have the workforce required for upcoming work as well as the correct number of apprentices to ensure our hall continues to grow with our contractors’ needs. In the new year, we plan on starting some campaigns on some shops that have bigger projects coming to ensure all electrical workers in Manitoba and Nunavut has proper representation.  If you have any questions about Salting shops or have any information about upcoming work please reach out to us and Daemien can assist you. You can always call the hall after hours and leave a voice message with Dave or Daemien and we will return your call the next day.

Dave McPhail

Business Manager/Financial Secretary

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