Positive Comments from BBE Up at Keeyask

June 08 2018

Russ and Shop Steward Mike D'Ottavio


Greetings Brothers and Sisters of the I.B.E.W. Local 2085:


On May 24 & 25, 2018, Dave McPhail, Assistant Business Manager, and myself went up to the Keeyask Generation Dam for a site visit and met with our members and contractors currently working on the project.


Our membership on site have received many accolades from Manitoba Hydro, Hydro Project Management Association and our contractors. It was an absolute pleasure to travel up North and receive these positive comments. I would like to share this message from Michael Jean, area Manager for BBE Hydro Constructors;







Russ and Michael Jean


We are extremely proud of the professionalism and quality of work that our members are producing. We look forward to our continued success as we build this once in a life time project for all Manitobans.



Fraternally yours,





Russ Shewchuk

Business Manager / Financial Secretary