Revised Hiring Policy January 1st 2022

December 20 2021


Effective January 1st 2022


ARTICLE XVII SECTION 10  Local 2085 Bylaws reads as follows:

The handling of jobs for unemployed members shall be under the full supervision and direction of the Business Manager. The Business Manager shall devise such means as are considered practical and fair in the distribution of available jobs to qualified members. Members shall not violate such established rules.



  1. When a member of the local Union is laid off or terminates their employment, they shall report to the Business Manager within twenty-four (24) hours so that they may have their name submitted to the unemployed list. When two (2) or more members of the same classification are laid off on the same date, their positions on the unemployed list will be determined by a random draw of names.*
  1. Any member who quits a Local 2085 signatory contractor, will not be eligible for name hire for 30 calendar days.
  1. Any member who has quit an IBEW Local 2085 Contractor must provide written acknowledgement from the Contractor to IBEW via email and or fax that states you are no longer employed by that Contractor. Upon receipt of this information, then your name will be eligible for dispatch calls that are available at that time.
  1. If you quit an IBEW Local 2085 signatory contractor, your name will go to the bottom of all the unemployed lists. This will be verified by the Contractor to the Union.
  1. No member of Local 2085 or any other IBEW member in our jurisdiction will solicit their own work with an electrical contractor having a signed agreement with Local 2085.
  1. A member must obtain a work clearance slip (referral) before commencing work.
  1. The Business Manager may dispatch members under an emergency at any time, subject to the protection of life, imminent danger to property and the protection of the IBEW Trade Jurisdiction.
  1. The Business Manager of Local 2085 appoints all Job Stewards. He can dispatch off the unemployed list, or transfer from any other job, an IBEW member to act as his representative in any shop or job site.
  1. Dues and Assessments must be paid prior to the issuance of clearances (referrals). The local Union’s records shall determine the member’s dues. Dues deducted by the employer and not remitted to the local union office will not be considered paid.
  1. All members must have the Code of Excellence course, valid First-aid and WHIMIS 2015 certificate prior to calling in for a job as per I.B.E.W. Local 2085 current Collective Bargaining Agreement.
  1. Members who have used up all their Employment Insurance Benefits and have provided dispatch with valid government-issued documents proving such will have priority on all short-term call-ins.
  1. In order to inform all unemployed members of the call-ins for the next working day, an information job line is available at 204-982-2080. The job line message is changed at the end of every workday and is available at any time. The website also lists all call-ins for the next day.
  1. Call-ins will begin at 8 a.m., and the call will be closed at 9 a.m. If there is a larger call-in, the time may be extended to a later time, and the membership will be notified on the job lines. Members shall be on the Active out of work list to qualify for the job.
  1. Once the call-ins are closed, the members will be put in order of who has been registered on the unemployed list the longest. These members that have been unemployed the longest will receive the jobs.
  1. If a member has called in for a job, it is considered an acceptance of the job.
  1. It is the responsibility of the member to keep the local union office informed as to any address, telephone number, or email address
  1. A member who accepts a job referral (clearance slip) and does not report for work, will be considered to have quit.
  1. Members referred to employment will have their names removed from the applicable unemployed list after 21 calendar days.
  1. Name hiring of members shall comply with the hiring procedures, as stated in Article 21:02 of the IBEW Local 2085 working agreement.
  1. Members Salting for the union must FULLY COOPERATE with the Organizer to maintain their name on all books, or be subject to removal from all books while working non-union.
  1. Any member who bullies harasses or makes derogatory remarks towards another IBEW member or office staff may have their clearance pulled or dispatch withheld, until they have met with the Executive Board to review their conduct, as per Business Manager.

If you do not have a job steward on-site, please notify the Business Manager at the Union office.

Russ Shewchuk

Business Manager/Financial Secretary

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