Wage Increase May 1st, 2018 I.B.E.W. Local 2085

April 27 2018

Greetings Brothers and Sisters,


May 1st, 2018 is coming up next Tuesday and with that, I.B.E.W. Local 2085 members will be receiving another 3.5% wage increase. Down below is the newest wage table that our contractors will be following for pay rates for our members;


Currently, we have some unemployment in our membership, but with some large projects closing on the horizon, that should change fairly quickly. Also, our contractors are bidding on a lot of work as well, which will keep our membership gainfully employed.

Also, May 1st, 2018, Our Commuting allowance, travel time allowance and subsistence allowance have increased as well. Please see the rate changes down below;

On another note, we just got confirmation from Coughlin & Associates, that our rate of return on our pension fund for 2017 was 8.4%. That is a phenomenal rate of return on any balanced retirement fund!

We hope everyone has a fantastic weekend.

Take care Brothers and Sisters of I.B.E.W. Local 2085.




Russ Shewchuk

Business Manager/ Financial Secretary



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